CIOs Should Prepare for the London 2012 Olympics

The London Olympics kick off on July 27, about 5 weeks from now. Naturally, the Olympics represents international competition, athletic achievement, and host-country pomp and circumstance. Great entertainment as always but CIOs and CISOs should pay more than casual attention to the London games for several reasons:

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Riverbed and Akamai Haulin' SaaS

I just spent an afternoon with Riverbed and Akamai in Cambridge MA, listening to how some of the best and brightest from their respective fields have teamed up to jointly develop a solution to accelerate SaaS traffic over the internet. They refer to their joint solution as the Steelhead Cloud Accelerator and the initial results are impressive. An oversubscribed beta program, testimonials from users wanting to deploy enterprise-wide before it was GA, and an end-user that flew over from Norway to talk about his results are all indications that they may be on to something here.

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Top 5 WAN Bandwidth Hogging Applications for ROBOs

In a recent ESG survey about remote offices and branch offices (ROBOs), we asked respondents "To the best of your knowledge, which of the following application types consume the greatest amount of available WAN bandwidth to/from ROBO locations over the course of a typical business day?"

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Is Data Center Networking Discontinuity Driving Increased Network Budgets and Network Headcount?

As organizations continue to consolidate data centers and increase their use of server virtualization technology, IT departments are forced to respond by building out massively scalable data center network environments. However, are data center networks evolving fast enough to survive (in current form) in a rapidly changing world? Jon Oltsik called this problem data-center-networking-discontinuity/index.html">Data Center Network Discontinuity and data from the forthcoming ESG's 2012 IT Spending Intentions survey (which I've gotten a preview of) indicates that we may be starting to see the first signs of this occurring.

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Got enough WAN for your Virtual Desktop implementation?

For quite some time virtual desktops have been growing in popularity, first as a means to effectively deliver desktops for call centers, support desks, etc., and now it has become an increasingly popular strategy for dealing with an ever growing "bring your own device to work" problem. That is, how does your IT staff support the wide range of different devices - PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones from multiple different vendors - that are infiltrating the workplace? The answer is - you don't.

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