Aerohive: Buzzing with a new App Platform

Aerohive just announced their new next-generation platform. Their apiaries are buzzing with excitement for the new APIs and apps for their APs (access points). This platform includes:

  • HiveManager NG (next generation), a unified network management planning and troubleshooting system.
  • New solutions for BYOD and guest management. HiveManager NG now has guest access included, and has a new Personal Device Access solution for self-service onboarding.
  • A new application platform that includes a developer portal, APIs, and reference apps to enable the creation of new apps.
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WiFi Calling: In the enterprise (part 2)

With WiFi about to take off, enterprises can look forward to improved indoor calling, but they need to prepare to support it.

In my last post, I described what WiFi calling is and the benefits it offers. I also looked at some of the issues it may pose in the enterprise. In this post, I’ll examine ways that enterprises can prepare for the adoption of WiFi calling.

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WiFi Calling: Ready To Take Off? (part 1)

With AT&T and Apple iPhone announcing support for WiFi calling, the technology is poised to go mainstream. Here's how it works and its potential enterprise ramifications.

WiFi calling enables wireless handsets to connect to a mobile carrier’s network through WiFi access points. With expanded support from more carriers and Apple, I believe it’s poised to become popular. It can provide better indoor coverage, avoids roaming charges while traveling out of the country, and can be used for messaging aboard WiFi equipped planes. It also doesn’t require the installation of apps such as Skype, Viber or WhatsApp to make voice calls.

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