Microsoft and the Software Defined Cloud

Last week Microsoft made a slew of important announcements. The important thing to remember here is that while all the others are rabble rousing about cloud and ‘software-defined-something’ – Microsoft continues to build out a very well rationalized approach to converting its massive installed base from virtualization to cloud, just like it has done helping its customers go from physical to virtual. The truth is Microsoft has the software-defined data center already – they’ve been running it at scale for a decade and now they have packaged it up for everyone else with their Cloud OS.

Cloud OS is Windows Server 2012 R2, Hyper-V, Systems Center, and Windows Azure Pack. These are the core parts needed to build out an IaaS with Microsoft Windows Azure – on premises. Add to this Microsoft’s long heritage with .NET as a natural PaaS on top of the IaaS layer. Multi-tenancy, check--chargeback, check--single pane of glass managementm check--fidelity between private and public Azure, check.

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Microsoft Cloud OS Network Strengthens Weak Link

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Thinking about Xbox Home Server

My friend Mark Bowker recently blogged about the hypothetical microsoft-surface-server-for-your-datacenter/index.html" target="_blank">potential of a Microsoft Surface Server. Since he covers virtualization for ESG, he has a lot of opportunities to think about converged infrastructure, as well as the impressive hardware stacks of converged infrastructure that are powering today’s data centers. At the same time, another friend, Rod Trent at Windows IT Pro, wrote an article about Xbox One.

And that got me thinking…

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Checking out my newest Storage Platform for under $2,000

After 22+ years in backup, I have become something of a storage geek on the side (or at least pretend to be one).

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Stuff I saw at SNW 2012 Dallas

It's been a few years since I came to SNW - and while, the number of end-users appears to be dropping (my perception vs. recollection), the types of end-users appear to be exactly the right kind of audience that SNW was built for: storage savvy IT stakeholders looking for education on technology evolutions. I do wish that SNW would lessen its restrictions or allow a defined percentage of its sessions to actually mention products, as I heard some veiled sales pitches where the 'evolution trends' discussed by the 'experts' were coincidentally only manifested by that particular expert's product-line. Enabling some sessions to be product-informational might breathe some new life into that program.

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