X-IO Technologies: The Bearable Rightness of Being Unique

A few weeks ago I was at the X-IO Technologies HQ in Colorado Springs for some strategic discussions and to shoot a video with Bill Miller, the CEO. In the midst of a great conversation, one thing became clear: Bill's engineering roots are never far from the surface! Not that he cannot talk plain business value, but it was the power and special nature of the technology that first attracted him to join X-IO. So, spontaneously, I reset my camera and asked Bill to simply wax lyrical about what makes the technology special. "Unique" is a word that is both abused and over-used in our business—probably in many businesses—but X-IO has some legitimate reasons to use it.

Take a look at this video to learn about what—and how—this erstwhile start-up (in truth, something of a "vendor-teenager") delivers...both in direct technology and the key operational implications. Dave "Gus" Gustavsson—the CTO and SVP of Engineering—adds some details in the latter part of this video. By the way, this video is about 7 minutes in length and I should make it clear that I am entirely responsible for the lack of exciting angles and graphics—for once, I figured I'd let the protagonists and their explanations do the communicating! After watching,  please return to this written blog for a few closing thoughts from me. 

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