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  • February 26, 2015

    0% Cybersecurity Job Unemployment in Washington

    I’ve written a lot about the global cybersecurity skills shortage over the past few years. Here’s some recent ESG data that illustrates this problem...

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  • February 25, 2015

    More on Network Encryption and Security

    In a blog I posted last week, I described that enterprise organizations are encrypting more of their network traffic. This is a mixed blessing in that it can protect data confidentiality and integrity but it also opens a camouflaged threat vector back into the organization. To address this risk, a majority (87%) of organizations decrypt and then inspect SSL/TLS traffic looking for things like reconnaissance activity, malware, and C2 communications according to ESG research.

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  • February 19, 2015

    Federal Cybersecurity Duplicity

    As part of a whistle-stop tour of Northern California, President Obama held a White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection at Stanford University last Friday. Much to the delight of the Silicon Valley crowd, the President signed an executive order (right there on stage at Stanford) to promote data sharing about digital threats. The summit also highlighted industry leaders like Apple CEO Tim Cook, and large critical infrastructure organizations like Bank of America and Pacific Gas & Electric Co.

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  • February 18, 2015

    Enterprises Are Encrypting and Inspecting More Network Traffic

    Encrypted traffic has become increasingly ubiquitous at most organizations. According to new ESG research, a vast majority (87%) of organizations surveyed encrypt at least 25% of their overall network traffic today.  Network encryption is a security best practice as it protects the privacy and confidentiality of network traffic as it travels from source to destination. 

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  • February 11, 2015

    Information Security Predictions for 2015

    I sat down with ESG Founder and Senior Analyst Steve Duplessie recently to talk about what my expectations are for the information security space in 2015.

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  • February 12, 2015

    Book Report: Countdown to Zero Day

    When you work in the cybersecurity domain you face some daunting challenges.  For one thing, cybersecurity is always changing – there are new offensive and defensive tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) constantly that you try to keep up with.  Alternatively, cybersecurity is an extremely broad topic, spanning technology, regulations, law enforcement, geo-political conflict, critical infrastructure, etc. 

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  • February 9, 2015

    Antivirus Usage Patterns Reveal Hints about Its Effectiveness

    For the past few years, everyone seems to be down on antivirus software. This sentiment was exhibited in a recent ESG research report, The Endpoint Security Paradox. When asked to identify challenges associated with their antivirus software, 34% of security professionals complained about too many false positives that classify benign files/software as malware, while 33% said that products are not nearly as effective at blocking and/or detecting malware as they should be.

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  • February 6, 2015

    Factors Shaping Network Security at Enterprise Organizations

    As part of my job, I speak with lots of CISOs about their day-to-day activities, challenges, and responsibilities. Motivated by a few of these discussions last summer, I posted a blog called the CISO-centric Information Security Triad, which defined the three primary CISO priorities: security efficacy, operational efficiency, and business enablement.

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  • February 4, 2015

    Endpoint Security Has Grown More Difficult and Tedious

    As I’ve written several times, endpoint security used to be synonymous with a single software product category--antivirus software. As a result, the endpoint security market was really dominated by five major vendors: Kaspersky, McAfee, Sophos, Symantec, and Trend Micro.

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  • January 30, 2015

    Is it time for two CISOs at enterprise organizations?

    I was able to get out of snowy Boston this week to give a presentation on enterprise security to a Federal IT audience in Washington DC. As usual, I stated my opinion that enterprises are in the midst of a profound transformation with how they address cybersecurity risk. This change will require a new strategy around security technology and a new type of leadership from CISOs.

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