Published: August 5, 2011

Dell Plans to Resell Cloudera

Yesterday, Dell and Cloudera announced their intent to enter into a reseller relationship.  Dell is taking the Apache open source  project, Hadoop, to the masses. What an exciting time to be in the Big Data market!

ESG recently conducted a survey on the adoption of using a Map Reduce framework to address data management challenges associated with massive volumes of data--more affectionately known as Big Data.  While the primary driver for organizations considering a Map Reduce framework is larger data sets, 36% are still in an experimental phase to see if the platform is applicable.

By providing an end-to-end solution aimed at making it easier for enterprise organizations to deploy and manage a Hadoop compute cluster, organizations will be in a much better position to conduct experiments and turn curiosity into business value--in short order.

There is no doubt that Hadoop is taking data processing, data integration, and data analytics by storm.    The issue is that there is still a lack of education in the market that  helps CIOs immediately understand what problem Hadoop solves for them and why should they add this technology to their data center stack.  How will they integrate it into what they already have? What resources will they need to assign to it to be able to take advantage of the benefits it promises to bring?  I will be presenting with several CIOs at the upcoming CIO Retail Summit learning how Hadoop has impacted their businesses and asking these same questions.

While this announcement doesn't provide these CIOs with answers today, we can only expect that with Dell's resources and great reputation, answers are on their way.


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