Published: December 16, 2011

The Future of Review: E-discovery Market Landscape Report

What can be done to make litigation into a more manageable and predictable business process? Can it be accomplished without increasing risk? Can accuracy and defensibility even be improved?

Litigants are demanding more accountability from law firms and service providers for attorney review. This is due in part to rising evidentiary data volumes, pricing pressure on traditional billing models, and the growth of competition from Legal Process Outsourcing.   In fact, ESG's 2011 Corporate Counsel Survey found that 45% of respondents had requested itemized e-discovery-related fees from their law firms in the last year, and 64% had requested Alternative Fee Arrangements.

ESG's latest Market Landscape Report, The Future of Review, examines the technology and economics of this most costly phase of e-discovery: legal review. Our corporate counsel data and qualitative research with 20+ vendors, service providers, law firms, and Legal Process Outsourcers provides up-to-the-minute insight on the shifting landscape of attorney review services and tools.

E-discovery as a Business Process: Increasing Efficiency of Attorney Review at Every Level of  Litigation

This report includes:

Subscribers can access the report here, or please contact us for purchasing or subscription information.



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Katey Wood covers the e-discovery, archiving, content and records management, enterprise search, and text analytics markets. In this role, Katey produces qualitative and quantitative research including economic validations, technology validations, and user surveys regarding legal and IT systems maturity. She also advises users, software vendors, service providers, and financiers on strategic technology and business initiatives.