Published: October 18, 2011

Vertica's Big Data Analytics Going Community

Today, HP Vertica announced its plans to provide a Community Edition of their columnar analytical database by the end of the year.   While Vertica is not alone in offering a community edition analytical database, they are unique in providing a version that can run on a cluster--rather than on a single node. For free, organizations will be able to download the software and analyze up to 1 terabyte of raw data on a cluster with up to three nodes.

Analytical databases are a key foundational component to next generation "Big Data Analytics."  According to our recent ESG Research report, more organizations are considering deploying purpose built platforms to enable them to glean insight from massive volumes of data--yet are lacking the necessary skills and experience to deploy them.

With a no-cost community edition, those organizations considering a columnar database can try it out in a realistic configuration, using their data and their queries to experience and validate the performance benefits these systems can provide.  Additionally, analytics vendors that want to give their clients the option to deploy applications on top of Vertica will be able to dry run the application stack with minimal risk.

According to Vertica resources,  more than 100k users are already interested and signed up for the beta program,  which will definitely help accelerate market adoption of their solution.


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[...] Back in June I said I expected "Vertica to play an increasingly important role in HP's converged infrastructure push." I was wrong. In fact, I haven't heard HP make much noise about Vertica at all, save for a recent announcement of a free community edition of the analytic database. [...]

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