Author(s): Mark Bowker

Published: March 8, 2011

VMware vCenter Operations: On Target to Help Accelerate Virtualization

Today, VMware announced its strategy and solutions for vCenter Operations Management. Bob Laliberte and I composed an ESG Brief that covers vCenter Operations in more detail: vCenter Operations: Enabling Administrators to Morph into Managers by Leveraging Real-time Analytics and Automation

This announcement is important since in order to take full advantage of virtualization's promised scale and efficiencies, accelerate deployments, and move toward cloud computing, organizations need integrated suites of automated management tools built with virtual environments in mind. Ultimately, to reap the greatest benefits of virtualization, users are looking for:

  • Integrated suites of management tools with more automation and core management functions built directly into the virtualization platform
  • The ability to manage performance, capacity, and configuration changes holistically, not in isolation
  • Better visibility across all layers of the virtual infrastructure for both planning and problem resolution
  • Tools that enhance collaboration across IT domains
  • Policy-based automation of security and compliance initiatives

As organizations continue to adopt new management solutions and processes, they will be poised to accelerate and expand their virtualization deployments, bringing more assets onto the virtualized platform, virtualizing more business critical workloads, and possibly even leveraging service providers for resource extensions.

Bob Laliberte also covers top virtualization management challenges in his blog today: VMware vCenter Operations Enables Organizations to Extend the use of Virtualization

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