What is Next in Server Virtualization?

Businesses looking to drive server virtualization to the next level have some choices to consider. They can continue to invest in the current platform and consider its management options, adopt a multiple hypervisor strategy, and/or consider IaaS. Watch the video to learn more about these options.

Author(s): Mark Bowker

Published: January 7, 2013


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Senior Analyst Mark Bowker focuses on all things related to enterprise mobility, virtualization, and cloud computing. Mark researches cloud and virtualization technologies and evaluates the impact the solutions have (or will have) on IT strategy and the broader marketplace. His other research areas include data center management, application workload deployment in next-generation data centers, and the external influences driving adoption of data center technologies. Prior to joining ESG, Mark ran the IT organization for a business consulting and technology services company. A Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Mark is experienced in designing, implementing, and expanding network and system infrastructure for global organizations.

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