Published: March 28, 2012

Who do you love? Nasuni.

Time for some success stories.

I've been talking to users in the last few weeks for an upcoming Defensible Deletion report (about which: more later). Few have solved this particular problem more than tactically. Even law firms who counsel and authorize their clients to expire data can be notorious hoarders themselves.

But one IT pro I spoke to the other day couldn't stop talking about Nasuni, a cloud appliance he's using to scale storage in support of all this data hoarding. He called it a "godsend." By his calculations, storage costs went from $7/GB on-premises to $1/GB with Nasuni. (No, he was not a reference customer or on their payroll.)

Incidentally, I saw from ESG blogs that our team just finished a lab on Nasuni.  From what I'm told, it's like Dropbox on steroids. The appliance works on an Amazon cloud back-end, but keeps unlimited data snapshots locally to make it seamless for the user.

What's different? It's really fast. Even with giant files, without huge pipes, across geographies. It's also got tight security and great monitoring tools; Lab says it "makes managing an enterprise-class file share as easy as managing your iTunes account."  Check out their write-up for a more in-depth look.  One client is now migrating over a TB per week.

Does the cloud solve our Big Data problems? It depends on how you use it and the terms (and who you ask!) - but we'll save that for another day. This vendor evidently has the performance and an SLA even a law firm can love.

So enough of the e-discovery horror stories for a bit. Tell me: who do you love?

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