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Edwin Yuen


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Systems Management, Converged Infrastructure


Edwin Yuen is an analyst covering systems management, PaaS, and DevOps. Edwin covers IT systems management, both traditional on-premises solutions and newer, cloud-based solutions, including automation and orchestration technologies. These solutions encompass change & configuration management, performance & problem management, and end-to-end workload scheduling. For PaaS and DevOps, Edwin worked with projects such as CloudFoundry, Stackato, and helped bring products such as Softricity/App-V to life.


ESG Video Capsule

What Does Systems Management Cover And How Does It Affect The Future Of IT?


What to Watch About Systems Management & DevOps @ VMworld 2017

It's always an exciting time as we start looking at the end of summer and the approach of VMworld. This year will be 10 years since I went to my first VMworld. I've seen VMworld grow massive over the...READ MORE

Applications Drive Hybrid Cloud, With On-Premises Being the Key to Hybrid, Not Public Cloud (Video)

Terri McClure, ESG's Senior Analyst for Cloud Infrastructure, and I did an ESG 360 video about the hybrid cloud research that I have conducted.  Two key points that came out of that...READ MORE

ServiceNow - A Platform for More than Just the Service Desk

I recently went to my first ServiceNow show, Knowledge17, and it certainly opened my eyes to the potential of the ServiceNow platform. First, I think that the size and scope of ServiceNow has flown...READ MORE

ChefConf Showcases Chef and Continuous Automation

It can be said about a technology company that you know it has reached real critical mass when others in the space, including competitors, talk about supporting them with the phrase, "And of course,...READ MORE




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