Hadoop Distribution Options for Big Data

In order to improve upon current analytics capabilities, organizations must have data-a huge amount of detailed data that allows them to identify patterns, pick up on trends, and predict outcomes with greater accuracy. This unquenched thirst for data is driving IT organizations to work in collaboration with their data analytics teams to evaluate new platforms that can meet the demanding business requirements without cracking under the pressure of massive volumes of data. After much examination of the various options available on the market today, many organizations have narrowed their focus to Hadoop as an alternative big data analytics platform. Hadoop-an emerging open-source distributed computing platform designed to address the need for performing data analytics on extremely large data sets-seems to offer exceptional capability at an affordable price point. But with so many options now available in the market, how can organizations begin to structure their requirements to better identify the distribution that best meets its needs?

Published: March 21, 2012

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