IT organizations are evolving their networking infrastructures and operations to keep pace with changes in the data center, remote/branch offices, and endpoint devices. Data growth, virtualization deployments, cloud strategies, consolidation initiatives, and next-generation web application implementations are some of the trends driving the need for enhanced networking infrastructure performance, elasticity, and scalability. Software-defined networks are often depicted as the vehicle by which IT organizations can achieve these capabilities. The challenge for IT planners, however, is charting a steady course to SDN implementation without negatively impacting business operations. This means not only transforming legacy networking infrastructure, but also fundamentally changing how IT organizations collaborate with their application development peers to increase business agility.


ESG In the News: This Tech Startup's Youngest Founder Is 75

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Even in youth-hungry Silicon Valley, however, years marinating in government security operations are an asset, says Dan Conde, an analyst at researcher Enterprise Strategy Group. If they are bona fide good-scientist types, they have a lot of things spring chickens won’t be able to do,” he says. “They’ve been exposed to the nastiest stuff for literally decades. They know the darkest, weirdest things that could happen.”




Daniel Conde


Research Coverage
Cloud Platforms & Services, Networking

Dan is an analyst covering distributed system technologies including cloud computing and enterprise networking. In this era of IT infrastructure transformation, Dan’s research focuses on the interactions of how and where workloads run, and how end-users and systems connect to each other.

Bob Laliberte

Senior Analyst

Research Coverage

ESG Senior Analyst Bob Laliberte focuses on existing and emerging network technologies, software, and services utilized by enterprises and service providers. He is particularly interested in the software-defined and virtual architectures that will drive the next wave of network investment. His coverage includes the network, cloud, and service offerings that telcos (wireless and fixed line), cable operators, and MSPs are delivering to enterprise customers.


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