Corporate Online File Sharing and Collaboration Market Trends

Organizations are beginning to embrace online file sharing and collaboration (OFS) services, signing up for corporate accounts with service providers at a significant pace—albeit in a limited fashion at this time. This relatively new technology, first embraced by individual employees, is becoming an increasingly important tool in the IT team’s toolkit, helping organizations reduce storage and administration costs and improving employee collaboration, workspace flexibility, and productivity. Due to concerns about security of the available offerings, IT is approaching adoption cautiously, initially rolling out solutions for workgroups or departments that have a real need for file sharing and collaboration. But over the next few years, OFS usage will expand from departmental projects to company-wide adoption and inter-company file sharing and collaboration.

ESG’s research has revealed the reasons organizations are (or are not) adopting OFS, the rate and sweet spots of corporate OFS adoption, the most important criteria and features organizations consider when choosing an OFS service, and the challenges organizations are grappling with as they deploy OFS today.

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