ESG Brief: Multi-cloud Strategies Are on the Rise


ESG has found that a significant number of companies are already using public cloud infrastructure services, and that a wave-like shift of workloads to public cloud is already occurring. How are organizations approaching their public cloud infrastructure strategies in terms of the number of providers with which they partner, and do they see these services simply augmenting existing on-premises environments or as a means of revolutionizing them?

Topics: Multi-Cloud Systems Management Cloud Platforms & Services

ESG Brief: 2017 Storage Trends: Challenges and Spending


ESG recently completed a detailed research study into the state of the enterprise storage industry, and the results reveal an industry attempting to find balance in a “hybrid-cloud-defined” IT industry. Not surprisingly, on-premises storage infrastructure deployments continue to face pressure from the rising adoption of public cloud services. However, could storage innovations—such as flash, software-defined storage, and object storage—as well as converged infrastructures that can deliver substantial benefits, entice more IT decision makers to keep workloads on-premises?

Topics: Storage cloud IT Spending Intentions

ESG Brief: Is a VM-specific Approach to Backup and Recovery Still Necessary in 2017?


For the past several years, ESG has monitored the trend of adopting VM-specific technologies for backup and recovery versus a “unified” solution that protects both physical and virtual servers. This recap of recent ESG research examines the question of whether today’s organizations are using a unified solution or a VM-specific solution for their virtual environments—and what those organizations expect to do moving forward.

Topics: Cloud Computing Data Protection Virtualization Cloud Platforms & Services

ESG Brief: Cloud and Systems Management Buying Preferences


While hybrid cloud strategies continue to gain momentum, to date, there has been limited understanding of the buying preferences of companies considering hybrid cloud. Specifically, what do IT decision makers want when it comes to how on-premises infrastructure and/or systems management vendors fit their hybrid cloud objectives?

Topics: Systems Management Cloud Platforms & Services