ESG Brief: The Database Market: Radical Shift to the Cloud


The database market continues to evolve rapidly, no longer dominated by just a handful of traditional approaches. One of the biggest impacts has been the availability—and increasing popularity—of public cloud options. Businesses are finding new opportunities in cloud-based databases, and not only for dev/test or transient workloads. Yet incumbent vendors are keeping pace with these shifts in preferences, requiring upstarts to work even harder for meaningful differentiation.

Topics: Private Cloud Infrastructure Data Management Public Cloud Service

ESG Brief: Login VSI: Mitigating VDI Performance Issues and Enhancing Productivity with Login PI


Being able to look into an organization’s VDI environment in real time can be challenging at best for IT. Without the right type of solution to monitor and manage virtualized environments, user productivity can be compromised due to unforeseen performance and reliability challenges, which can negatively impact the quality of experience. Login VSI’s recent improvements to its workspace management solution, Login PI, are giving organizations across industries an opportunity to mitigate potential issues before they can impact user productivity, resulting in an increase in IT’s ability to achieve and scale VDI implementations with a high degree of confidence.

Topics: Cybersecurity Endpoint & Application Virtualization Private Cloud Infrastructure Networking Enterprise Mobility

ESG Brief: IBM’s Cloudy Future


Professing their love for all things cloud, IBM’s Cloud leadership team hosted the IBM Cloud Summit last month. Taking a page from the successes of Silicon Valley startups, the team presented a vision for the future that ties IBM’s success directly to its cloud strategy and its ability to incorporate lean and agile philosophy and methodology into its tactics. IBM wants Bluemix, the big blue cloud, to be in a race for value rather than a race for size. The key to the Bluemix is Watson machine learning. And this is more than just a branding exercise. Meeting its customers’ needs, IBM is embracing openness—open source, open choices, and hybrid cloud. Software—and software-defined solutions—not hardware, drives IBM product development and products.

Topics: Private Cloud Infrastructure Public Cloud Service

ESG Brief: Convergence Continues to Gain IT Traction


As a means of achieving more end-to-end infrastructure alignment across their virtualized environments, IT organizations are increasingly deploying converged and hyperconverged infrastructure technology. As factory integrated and pre-validated virtualized architecture solutions, converged/hyperconverged technology can help to simplify and speed up infrastructure deployments so that IT organizations can be more responsive to business needs.

Topics: Storage Private Cloud Infrastructure Networking Compute Enterprise Mobility Public Cloud Service

ESG Brief: Microsoft Wins the Office Productivity Game Regardless of the Venue


Microsoft Office has been the dominant player in the office productivity application space for as long as anyone can remember. However, organizations continue to move horizontal applications to the cloud, with email and office productivity applications often at the forefront of these SaaS endeavors. Will this serve to loosen Microsoft’s iron grip on office productivity or will they just shift their supremacy to the cloud?

Topics: Storage Private Cloud Infrastructure Enterprise Mobility