Reveal your solution’s most compelling performance traits and pin point its economic value for decision makers by sending your product through ESG’s world-class technical validation process. Whether it’s grabbing interest at a tradeshow with compact InstaGraphics, or sealing the deal in buyers’ evaluation cycles, ESG Lab has the expertise and tools to push your solution to the top of the stack.


[ESG Lab Review] Scalable SQL Database for AWS: High-value, High-transaction Workloads with ClustrixDB

This ESG Lab Review documents the high levels of transactional performance made possible by Clustrix’s next-generation, scale-out SQL database on Amazon AWS.



[ESG Lab Review] Exabeam User Behavior Analytics

This ESG Lab Review documents hands-on testing of the Exabeam User Behavior Analytics (UBA) platform.



[ESG Lab Spotlight] Simple, Scale-out Block Storage with Ceph Technology Using OSNEXUS QuantaStor

This ESG Lab Spotlight provides a first look at OSNEXUS’s scale-out block functionality with Ceph technology.



[ESG Lab Video Summary] ProtectWise: Shifting Network Security to the Cloud

This ESG Lab Video Summary examines the ProtectWise Cloud Network DVR, which provides organizations with visualization, detection, and response to network security events, including intrusions, advanced persistent threats (APTs), data exfiltration, and many others.


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Brian Garrett

Vice President, ESG Lab

Brian Garrett is the Vice President of ESG Lab, providing independent, hands-on validations and analyses of emerging technologies in the server, storage, data management, and information security industries.

Vinny Choinski

Senior Lab Analyst

Senior Lab Analyst Vinny Choinski provides independent, hands-on validation and analysis of emerging storage hardware and software products. Vinny came to ESG in 2010, bringing with him more than 20 years of experience in data storage design and management, including developing an end-user-tailored delivery methodology for data protection, virtualization, and storage architecture solutions.

Kerry Dolan

Senior Lab Analyst

Senior Lab Analyst Kerry Dolan contributes to ESG’s independent, hands-on validations and analyses of emerging storage hardware and software products. Kerry brings more than 15 years of storage industry experience to her role.

Aviv Kaufmann

Senior Lab Analyst

ESG Senior Lab Analyst Aviv Kaufmann contributes to ESG's independent, hands-on lab validations and analyses of emerging IT hardware and software products. He brings a wide variety of technical experience to the Lab team.

Tony Palmer

Senior Engineer and Analyst

ESG Senior Lab Analyst Tony Palmer provides independent analysis and validation of IT products and solutions.

Tony came to ESG in 2006 and has worked in the field supporting networking, systems, and storage vendors in numerous pre-sales and technical marketing roles since 1987.

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