ESG Brief:

Shining a Light on Shadow IT

September 2016 | Doug Cahill

 More than a third of IT and cybersecurity professionals cite encryption of cloud-based data as a crucial cloud access security broker (CASB) capability."
 46% of organizations with a policy that requires business units to receive approval before using any cloud applications believe there is still a significant amount of non-sanctioned cloud app usage."
 65% of enterprise IT professionals report being aware of a significant or moderate number of non-IT-sanctioned cloud applications being used at their organization."

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The consumerization of IT, fueled by knowledge worker mobility and the prevalence of cloud applications, has created the conditions for line-of-business owners and even individual employees to commission and use business applications not sanctioned by corporate IT groups, a phenomenon commonly referred to as shadow IT. Recent ESG research shows that nearly two-thirds of enterprise organizations are aware of at least a moderate amount of non-IT-sanctioned cloud application usage. This is a trend that ESG believes will continue to grow at a problematic rate.

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