ESG360 Video: SOAPA Interview with Mike Banic of Vectra Networks - Part 1

ESG's Jon Oltsik talks with with Mike Banic of Vectra Networks about SOAPA and Cybersecurity. This is part 1 of a 2-part series.

Topics: Cybersecurity SOAPA ESG360 Video Vectra Networks

ESG Video Blog: Exploring Data Management and Enablement, aka Copy Data Management

ESG's Jason Buffington discusses the two distinct paths being offered in the market for what is referred to as "Copy Data Management".

Topics: Data Protection Copy Data Management ESG Video Blog CDM-DME Data Management & Enablement

ESG Video Capsule: Nothing in IT Really Ends - Capisce?

ESG Founder Steve Duplessie's recent trip to Italy reminded him that in life - as in IT - nothing ever really ends.

Topics: Cloud Computing Server Virtualization containers ESG Video Capsule

ESG Video Blog: Will "Unified versus VM-specific" still be a debate in 2018?

There is more to both sides of the discussion, which is covered in the video below and in the ESG Brief Is a VM-specific Approach to Backup & Recovery Still Necessary in 2017?  (which is available to ESG subscribers).

Topics: Backup Data Protection VMworld Virtualization disaster recovery VM-backup-recovery ESG Video Blog