ESG Video: Highlights from ESG’s Enterprise On-premises Infrastructure Spending Trends Research

This ESG video highlights some of the findings from the ESG 2018 Spending Intentions Report, specifically as it relates to on-premises infrastructure.

Topics: IT Spending Intentions infrastructure on-premises

ESG Video Capsule: Key Infrastructure Implications from ESG’s 2017 IT Spending Intentions Research - Part 1

In this ESG Video, ESG's Mark Peters discusses the IT Infrastructure implications of ESG's 2017 IT Spending Intentions Survey.  This is Part 1 of a 2-part video.

Topics: IT Spending Intentions infrastructure ESG Video Capsule

ESG Video Capsule: Driving Infrastructure Value

In this Video Capsule, ESG's Mark Peters reflects on the increasing number of options for options for the IT data center, including how you procure, deploy and pay for it.

Topics: Storage infrastructure ESG Video Capsule