Validation Equals Credibility

At ESG, we help you get to The Bigger Truth with in-depth technology and economic validation services suited for companies of all types and sizes. We discover whether a product works as advertised or not—and why.

Validation Services

Technology solution assessments by objective and uniquely qualified ESG Lab engineers measure performance, scalability, reliability, usability, and more. IT product testing uncovers a solution’s compelling traits and reveal how the product might solve an IT challenge—important information for both your potential customers and your channel partners. Final reports tie in formal ESG IT market research findings to shed light on the solution’s likely effect on larger-scale IT issues.

Clients come back to ESG Lab again and again because our team goes beyond routine benchmarks to perform more meaningful testing. Products are tested not only for performance, throughput, or capacity, but also for key factors that influence purchase decisions.

We have developed a unique set of ESG workload technologies that precisely simulate real-world application environments, providing an accurate view of how a product will actually perform in typical customer environments.

The well-known "Why This Matters" sections are popular features of every ESG Lab validation report. These insights go beyond traditional IT lab evaluation and analysis to succinctly detail the business ramifications and opportunities tied to a product's tested characteristics.

In addition to our technical product validations, we offer ESG Economic Value Validations (EVVs) to help vendors articulate a solution’s specific economic benefits. EVVs combine market research, domain expertise, and detailed financial modeling—going well beyond traditional TCO/ROI analyses in objective, scope, use cases, and intended audience.

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