Market Research

Illuminating the Opportunities

We arrive at The Bigger Truth using forward-looking data and analysis to help you understand technology trends and market dynamics. Only ESG occupies a unique place at the center of the IT ecosystem, interacting with all the key constituencies, including vendors, IT users, channel partners, the media, and the financial community.

From our vantage point, we are able to observe and construct a more comprehensive, detailed, and nuanced view of technologies, industries, markets and partner ecosystems. We bring that understanding to every client interaction to further support you in capitalizing on emerging business opportunities.

The world’s largest IT vendors trust ESG to deliver insights necessary to make crucial business decisions. We arm you with actionable data: Use it to drive your sales, marketing, channel programs, and R&D efforts forward.

Our IT market research offerings include syndicated research, custom projects, and multi-client studies.

Syndicated Research

Reliable IT market research separates truth from opinion, reality from assumptions, and fact from conventional wisdom. In doing so, research provides the power to sharpen focus, expedite programs, optimize resources, and enable more effective long-range planning. ESG clients gain these benefits through access to a variety of syndicated research publications:

  • Research Reports: ESG Research Reports combine relevant quantitative and qualitative research results with ESG’s expert analysis in one valuable report. ESG Research Reports are based on in-depth surveys and interviews with IT customers and cover critical issues such as current technology usage, existing processes and challenges, forward-looking technology adoption trends, market drivers, product requirements, budgeting and purchasing behavior, and organizational dynamics.
  • Research Briefs: Shorter and more focused than a Research Report, Each ESG Research Brief provides deep insight into a specific topic in a quick, convenient, and easy-to-read format.
  • Market Landscape Reports: Detailed reviews of an IT market segment covered by ESG. These reports aim to educate IT buyers on when and why they should consider a given technology; the different solutions currently available in the market; and those solutions’ capabilities, features, and target use cases.

Custom Projects

ESG custom research is designed to meet each client’s specific business objectives and research goals. With ESG's expert guidance, the client determines the topic, scope, and goals of the project. ESG then designs and executes the research in the format that can best achieve the business objectives. Examples of ESG custom research studies include:

  • Market Validation Studies: Provide insights into the dynamics affecting a market opportunity. The scope of this primary research ranges from targeted, in-depth interviews with CIOs to global surveys of more than 1,000 respondents.
  • Product Requirements Studies: Validations focusing on the features customers want or need from a technology. Use these studies to refine product roadmaps and specify development priorities.
  • Brand Sentiment Studies: Point-in-time views of your brand based on awareness, value, innovation, reliability, and customer loyalty.
  • Customer Sentiment Studies: Reports ranging from satisfaction surveys to multifaceted customer-base analyses, mined for correlations and insights to help you prioritize strategic initiatives.
  • Channel Partner Sentiment Studies: Investigations to help you determine what is accelerating or inhibiting channel partner success, satisfaction, and commitment.
  • Market Sizing Studies: Quantifications of the addressable market for your products and services in new or emerging markets.

Multi-client Studies

Become one of several sponsors of an ESG research project. Your organization will have input into the objectives and scope of the research, and you will receive complete survey results. Multi-client research studies provide many of the benefits of a custom research project but with the data—and costs—shared among two or more clients.

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