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HP Rolls Out OpenFlow-Enabled Switch Portfolio | NewsFactor Network

Author(s): Jon Oltsik

Published: February 14, 2012

Jon Oltsik, senior principal analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, is among those who see the value of OpenFlow. HP also has attracted partners like Indiana University, Stanford University and the Global Environment for Network Innovations Project, which is operated by Raytheon BBN Technologies and funded by the National Science Foundation.

"Enterprise data centers are in the midst of a massive transformation driven by data center consolidation, server virtualization, Web-based applications and new security requirements, which our research indicates has created numerous network challenges that can't be addressed with existing legacy networks and manual processes," Oltsik said.

"OpenFlow holds the promise of breaking the logjam in network flexibility as well as paving the way for network innovation in the data center -- and vendor support from companies like HP is crucial for advancing this technology in 2012."

via HP Rolls Out OpenFlow-Enabled Switch Portfolio | NewsFactor Network.