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Monya Keane

Senior Research Analyst
Direct Phone Number: 508-381-5170

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Data Protection, Storage

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Monya Keane specializes in producing communications for technology-intensive industries. As an ESG senior research analyst, she guides papers and reports through development and writes for many content forms, distilling complex information in clear, engaging ways. She also oversees the firm’s writing excellence program, ESG Style Sense. Monya’s background encompasses research, writing, ghostwriting, substantive editing, interviewing, and publication for print and web.

Before joining ESG, Monya spent more than 12 years with EMC, writing technology thought-leadership articles and serving as editor-in-chief of Magazine. In that role, she oversaw the editorial and production process for hundreds of IT-focused stories—formulating ideas; interviewing experts; writing articles and columns; and supervising photography, layout, printing, and web publication.

Monya has a B.A. in sociology from Wells College and holds postgraduate certifications in technical/professional writing and copy editing. She has received 35 industry awards for communications excellence, and she can recite the alphabet faster backward—from Z to A—than forward.