Blockchain Technology: The New Foundation for Enterprise Digital Transformation

Accelerating from pilot to production with IBM and Dell Technologies.


2021 has created new IT challenges and opportunities for every company as businesses rethink their digital strategies, and expand their digital boundaries with workflow-enabled, trusted data exchange.

Industry sources report that the majority of blockchain networks that transition from pilot to production will run on private enterprise blockchain platforms, and private blockchains will become the main contributor to the blockchain market growth in 2021.

Why? Private blockchains deliver new productivity gains, better transparency, more trust, improve reliability, better cost control, enhance security and higher efficiency.

IBM and Dell Technologies have joined forces on Blockchain to allow you to:

  • Simplify Deployment
  • Scale Competitive Advantages
  • Deploy with Multi-cloud Flexibility/Ease of Use

In this webinar, experts from Dell Technologies and IBM—the market leaders for infrastructure and blockchain solutions—are joined by ESG analysts to discuss latest trends.

Then, in an interactive 'Town Hall' session, they examine how blockchain is making dramatic changes in the way joint IBM and Dell Technologies' customers are successfully deploying blockchain to create a competitive advantage.


Kevin Rhone
Senior Partnering Consultant, ESG


Mark Bowker
Senior Analyst, ESG


Douglas Lieberman
Global Solutions Director, Dell Technologies


Porter Stowell
Head of Product Management, IBM Blockchain Platform