137 Cents a Day Keeps the Cybercriminals Away

$2.79. Thats how much I spend every morning for my large iced coffee. From the very first sip I feel more alert, making the morning commute far less dangerous for the other drivers on the road. I am also far more productive at work which allows me to write interesting blogs like this. It would be difficult to think of a better daily investment for my $2.79.

Unless … I owned a business and I wanted to avoid a catastrophic breach in security that allowed an undetected piece of malware to perpetuate itself on my network and enable a cyber-criminal half way around the world open access to my entire infrastructure. “Yuri Gonnapayfodis” now has access to my mission-critical data and financial information and is now spamming my customers with e-mails from my company with links on to how to instantly increase the size of their….Problems. Thats what I have. I’m going to need more coffee.

Unless… I was smart enough to invest just $1.37 per day to leverage the protection of some of the brightest security professionals in the world to analyze the threats that are currently happening in networks around the globe, compare them to this incoming threat, prevent it from happening, and take action against Yuri. That is a peace of mind that is definitely worth half of my daily coffee money.

Brian Garrett and I recently had the opportunity to take a trip to the Emerging Threats campus in Lafayette, Indiana to meet with Matt Jonkman (CTO) and Chris Montgomery (Senior SE) and perform a hands-on validation of Emerging Threats technology. Among other security offerings, Emerging Threats ETPro Ruleset is an enhanced subscription-based ruleset that can be deployed on all leading network-based intrusion detection systems (IDS) and Intrusion prevention systems (IPS) for only $500 per year ($1.37 per day).

The impressive part is the amount of active security intelligence that goes into the maintenance of the ruleset. Emerging Threats security experts analyze and test hundreds of thousands of new threats every day and use this information to fine tune the ETPro Ruleset for maximum effectiveness. Emerging Threats tracks the movements of threats over time, around the globe, and maintains an intelligent threat database that not only helps protect your infrastructure, but has also been leveraged by federal agencies to help pinpoint and prosecute cyber criminals.

These guys are smart, they are the good guys, they are passionate about catching cybercriminals, and you want them on your side. The best part is you can have them on your side… and for less than a cup of coffee per day!

Be sure to read the Full ESG Lab Validation.

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