2013 Q1/Q2 CSP and CSM Research Agenda

Since I’ve only been here at ESG for a little over 2 months it has taken me a while to get up to speed on some things. Fortunately for me – the team here has been incredibly supportive. One of my core tasks as an analyst is to perform and publish research. Over the past few months I’ve been heads down working on some cool research of my own and also working with some of the other analysts here. Below is an overview of what is coming out in the next couple of weeks as well as the early part of Q2.

2013 IT Cloud Spending Intentions

Thanks to all the hard work that Bill Lundell did (which he started before I came onboard) we are about to publish our 2013 spending intentions report (03/2013) focused on cloud computing. It has some fascinating tidbits about what kinds of companies (by industry) are spending money on cloud, what types of service delivery models they are budgeting, how much of their total budget is spent on cloud, etc. The biggest eye opener for me is that we definitely crossed the chasm when it comes to companies using or planning to use cloud this year.

Cloud Service Management (CSM)

The other big piece of research I worked on was a Market Summary Report (MSR). An MSR is a new type of report for us – briefer than a full Market Landscape Report but full of information that helps define the market, why it is important, examples for each category, and companies that fit into the landscape.

The MSR I developed is on Cloud Service Management which I define as "the products or services needed to transform a virtual data center into a cloud service." This means that the end result is that the VDC has to provide the benefits of the five NIST tenets for cloud. For this MSR there are 10 product/service functions that have to be included: CMDB, Orchestration, Automation, Chargeback, Service Catalog, SSO, Federation, Service Management, GRC, and Service Desk.

We included 12 traditional vendors (BMC, CA, Cisco, Citrix, Dell, EMC/RSA, HDS, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and VMware) and 10 emerging vendors (CloudScaling, Embotics, enStratus, Gravitant, Nimbula, OpenStack, Rightscale, ServiceMesh, ServiceNow, and Vistara) . I was very surprised at how many companies are offering such rich sets of CSM products or services. Most sell the enterprise products to be installed on premises but several also offer a SaaS offering and one company offered SaaS only as an option. Several were open source-based with the rest having proprietary offerings. This report will also be out before the end of March (03/2013).

Cloud Service Providers (CSP)

The next big research project will be a Market Landscape Report on the CSPs. This report will include my segmentation as well and for this first one will be focused on IaaS providers. I segment the CSPs into four core categories (with examples): Pureplay (Amazon), Telco/Carrier (Savvis, Iland Internet), Manufacturer (HP, Dell), and Broker (CSC, Duracloud). This report is planned for Q2.

Cloud Migration Tools

This research will also be an MSR that is focused on looking at the various companies that provide tools for migrating apps to the cloud. The goal is to help identify the different approaches to migrating apps and discussing the pros and cons of the approaches as well as detailing some of the companies that have offerings in this space. This research will be published in Q2.

So I think I’m off to a good start – two really useful research pieces complete with some more already in progress for Q2. Looking forward to hearing your reaction to my thoughts as well as feedback on how to make it better.

Now back to listening to some blues while I get ready for an afternoon of meetings.

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Topics: Cloud Services & Orchestration