2016 Mobility Trends that Change Employee Behavior

It is fascinating to research and analyze how mobility strategies are changing employee behavior inside the corporate world. Senior business leaders recognize the value and strength in mobility while employees request improved access and enhanced collaboration & communication which all ultimately lead to improved productivity.

While the mobility world is rapidly changing and new technology, solutions and business outcomes are being discovered daily, ESG plans to keep a close eye on how businesses morph between traditional desktop and application management to an enhanced digital workspace.

Video transcript:

Woman: The following is an ESG 360 video.

John: I'm here today with Mark Bowker, Senior Analyst covering Enterprise Mobility at ESG. Welcome Mark.

Mark: How's it going, John?

John: Very well, thanks. So Mark, there's a lot of activity in this market. It's a very dynamic market. Mobility is one of the top priorities for CIOs and even a lot of business executives of course these days. So with a lot of innovation happening in the market, are there any areas where you see that that innovation is actually a little bit ahead of customer demand at this point?

Mark: Yeah, there's a lot of it. There's two that kind of stand out to me. So one is, we've talked about this, I think it's kind of neat, where I could take my smartphone and that could be my primary device in many ways. There's a lot of horsepower in there that's untapped. Why can't I dock it and view it on a screen? And use a mouse and keyboard with it. So I have seen that demoed, I've even seen that used a little bit.

John: Microsoft certainly has demoed that technology with Windows 10.

Mark: Yeah, and it does work. So I think where we are from a technology perspective, we're a little ahead there. And the other one is collaboration and communication. I think we do a lot of online meetings for example, and how do we use it? We use the basic voice capability and project some slides. There's so much more to that. Right? And you're seeing where I think things like e-mail, they're a great communication tool, but they're kind of aging. You're going to see where some of these newer apps, people are going to communicate in those apps. 

So I know you'll hate when I say this that, hey, the corporate environment is going to turn into Facebook. But some of that is true. Some of those applications people communicate inside of those applications as opposed to e-mail. So I think it's really taking the device, snapping it to a projector and collaboration and communication.

John: What do you think will have to happen, or what will the compelling event be, or the watershed moment where...

Mark: Oh, that's interesting.

John: ...users and their employers who, let's be fair, are still, despite the democratization of IT, employers still have some say in what their employees do at work. And we are talking about work here. What will be the watershed moment where perhaps you're starting to see more of an appreciation for and actually can be a productive knowledge worker, if you will, running off a fairly powerful smartphone or phablet with a docking station or a keyboard and a display, what has to happen for that to be more of a reality?

Mark: I think one is it's just proof of technology. So we're seeing some pieces where they demoed it and people are just aware of it. So I think there's some conditioning and awareness that needs to take place for sure. And then what will happen is some scenario maybe in retail will be created where, hey, you've come inside, you bring in your smartphone, you snap into the dock also and you can start using it, you take it away with you. 

So I think some events and kind of our, again, where these smartphones and apps have become popular in our personal lives, we'll actually say, "Okay, we could do that from a business scenario as well." And maybe you get people that come in as contractors, maybe you get people that are telecommuters that will work as well. So I think a little bit more demonstration of what that technology is capable of for sure.

John: Certainly an interesting trend to watch, and something I'm sure you'll be looking out for in your research in 2016.

Mark: Absolutely.

John: Great. Well, thank you, Mark. Great stuff as always. To read more of Mark's research and our reader's blog, you can visit esg-global.com.

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