Interop ITX 2017- A View into a Full Stack of IT


I’ll be attending Interop ITX in Las Vegas. What people may not realize is that this show is one of the few that provides a view of the whole IT Stack ranging from networks & other parts of core infrastructure, through data & analytics, to security and dev ops. Plus there’s a business track useful for CIO and business leaders.

While this provides a wide menu for core IT professionals, it also provides a good foundation to those who are seeking the wide range of knowledge for digital transformation of their organization. Like you, I sometimes feel that the term “digital transformation” is often abused and misused, but if you consider this to be how  a range of technology is used to transform all elements on an enterprise, then you realize that you just can’t focus on one element – such as security or storage. By looking at the whole stack, you get an appreciation of what’s needed and that's where Interop ITX does it all in one show.

I’ll be presenting a session along with Jack Poller of ESG on Things to Know Before You (Hyper) Converge Your Infrastructure and leading a panel on Cloud Adoption Experiences: Backlash or Goodness?  where the panelists are Tara Hernandez , Senior Director of Systems and Build Engineering, Linden Lab;  Rob Hiltbrand , Director of Technology, The Liberty Group; and David Giambruno , Chief Information Officer, Shutterstock.

These are both timely topics since we’re trying to figure out if we can adopt on-premises systems with the agility and ease of the public cloud, and see if hyperconverged in an answer.

We also want to know if people are having a totally good experience moving to the public cloud? What steps should one take before you embark on that journey to gain success?

I’ll see you at Interop ITX.


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Topics: Networking Cloud Services & Orchestration