2018 Predictions for Systems Management, PaaS, and DevOps (Video)

Yuen_2018_Predictions.jpegAs we say goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018, it's time again for my yearly predictions for Systems Management, PaaS, and DevOps. I've posted a video with my predictions below but here are the key points that I talk about in the video.

  • Continued growth in how systems management teams and large vendors approach hybrid cloud - As I discussed in my 2017 video, we can approach hybrid cloud from an infrastructure up or a cloud down orientation. Choosing an approach radically changes how system management is done and both customers and vendors have to make some decisions on how they approach hybrid.
  • For all companies that don't own a hyperscale cloud, it's going to be all multi-cloud - Unless a cloud vendor is Microsoft, AWS, Google, Oracle, or IBM, they must adopt a multi-cloud message to stay competitive. But that also means that multi-cloud isn't a unique differentiator anymore. Vendors need to show what they do with multi-cloud and how it benefits you.
  • Continued growth and maturity in the production use of containers - 2018 will be the year that containers make the jump from the laptop to the server. With this jump from development to production, the needs for proper management and control of containers and even container managers will rise.

Finally, don't forget to read and watch my video on DevOps Myths and Realities: Why the Key to DevOps is Understanding What it is First. The rise of DevOps and the true Developer-based Operator is another emerging 2018 trend, one that earned its own blog and video.

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