2019 Predictions for Cloud Services & Orchestration and DevOps (Video)

Yuen_2019_PredictionsWelcome to 2019 and as is the tradition at ESG, I have made a video blog with my predictions for 2019. 2018 had a number of very significant announcements that impact all areas of cloud. My predictions video covers three main areas.

First, I talked about how 2019 will be the year we see the expansion of the cloud into hybrid cloud. Both Amazon Web Services and Google made significant product announcements in this area in 2018 and it puts pressure on the incumbent leader, Microsoft, to respond.

Second, we should see some significant advancement in cloud management software, as the traditional leaders such as VMware and HPE extend their multi-cloud positioning, while cloud-based solutions, like Dynatrace, DataDog, Solarwinds, and Platform 9, offer a wide variety of solutions.

Finally, we will have to watch the developments in the use of containers and serverless, especially the overlap of the two with Istio and Knative. Will operations and developers focus on specific solutions or will they choose to use multiple platforms?

Watch my video below for more details and I hope you find my predictions thought provoking. As always, leave comments on what your thoughts are below or reach me on social media.

Topics: Cloud Services & Orchestration Predictions