A More Focused Hadoop Summit

summit-focusLast week 4,000 fine people gathered in San Jose for the Hadoop Summit. Hosted by Hortonworks, but largely non-denominational, the event showcased the broader ecosystem of Hadoop, big data, and analytics. Despite the wide variety of approaches, the attendees were clearly focused on finding the value and learning practical techniques to be successful. Less hype, more tech.

Watch the short recap video for highlights and then read on below for a roundup of selected announcements.

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>>> BlueData: Updated for managing the latest versions of Hadoop and now Spark, too.

Bright Computing: Announced update to Bright Cluster Manager for Apache Hadoop for more ease of use. 

Cloudwick: Rolled out a new Cloudwick Insights service with Pepperdata to optimize real-time Hadoop performance.

>>> Corvil: Created add-on to support Splunk in IT operations analytics.

Datameer: Announced partnership with Tableau to promote visualization and understanding of big data. 

>>> Dataguise: Announced DgSecure 5.0, a new generation of their software for security of big data. 

>>> DataTorrent: Open-sourced their streaming analytics platform.

HGST: Announced world's first 10TB Enterprise HDD (Ultrastar Archive Ha10 SMR HDD). 

Impetus: Introduced StreamAnalytix product to accompany their expert services approach.

Informatica:  Showed off big data management software at their booth. 

MapR: Announced new software to simplify big data security: "MapR Auto-Provisioning Templates." 

Saama: Partnered with Hortonworks to deliver software designed for insurance companies to manage big data. 

>>> ScaleOut Software: Announced ComputeServer to bring operational intelligence to businesses.

Skytree: Became the first company to create 1 trillion elements in a big data security software. 

Syncsort: Partnered with Intel and Dell to lower cost for companies with data warehouses to convert to Hadoop. 

Trifacta: Emphasized the importance of interface options. 

>>> Zettaset: Joined the ODP to bring security solutions to Hadoop.

Video Transcript

Nik: Hi, This is Nik Rouda, senior analyst from Enterprise Strategy Group, covering big data and analytics. I'm coming to you live from the main stage of the Hadoop Summit here in San Jose, California. I wanted to talk to you a little bit about the event so far. It's been a great show, 4,000 attendees, over 70 exhibitors, different vendors wanting to tell their message. And it's been an interesting message this year.

There's really been three main themes to it. The first one is that Hadoop is transformational, that it's helping companies change the way they do business, whether it's focus on finding operational efficiencies in the enterprise or whether they want to find new business opportunities entirely. All kinds of use cases and real world examples have come out. The second major theme has been how pervasive Hadoop is, that it's no longer the domain of a few experts working in a test environment in a bunker somewhere. Now, Hadoop is open to all kinds of organizations from large enterprises to mid market companies. Each one, each industry finding how they want to use it. The third major theme we've seen here is that it's enterprise ready, that it's ready to satisfy the requirements of a global deployment of users in all different areas. That it can provide the availability, the scalability, the security, the privacy, government, all those different pieces that you need to make sure that this is a proven, ready to go solution for the enterprise. Now, the tone here has been very focused. People have been very serious. A lot of the hype has faded away and they're really focused on how do I learn this, how do I make this work for my environment, what have others done, what works, what works well together, and all these types of questions have come out and been answered during the show.

So one of the interesting things has been about the interplay between the different vendors. Obviously, there's a big ecosystem here, room for a lot of people to be successful. One of themes that came out with Hortonworks in their analyst day at the beginning of the week was the open data platform, and how they really wanted to position this as the inclusive core, making it easier to tie together all of your businesses, whether you specialize in ETL or data preparation or security capabilities. All of those need to come together to provide a complete customer technology stack but being able to tie them together in different ways is really important. And ODP is one mechanism to help accelerate that. Obviously without participation without Cloud Air or MapR, maybe it'll be limited how far it can go, but certainly, bringing together these different technologies, the key theme for the customer is to realize their value.

Mike: So the growth and attendance at the show is really a true testament to how much this technology, Hadoop and supporting projects, are really being adopted and it's great that really the user community is really what's driving this adoption. It's not just a science project anymore. It's not just about batch processing. It's batch, it's interactive, it's real time and it's really being deployed with those production data sets and it's really great to see. One major takeaway is there's a lot of confusion on who's doing what. A lot of the messages are the same and it's going to be interesting to see how some of these companies continue to evolve and mature and refine that message to really show its differentiation.

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