A Quick Look at HYCU, Backup and Recovery for Nutanix Environments

GettyImages-831481678There isn’t a day without a new comment or report from industry observers about the tremendous adoption and growth of hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI). Recent ESG research indicates that, for end-users, HCI is about efficiency, operational excellence, and cost and that HCI is delivering on its promise to help drive operational excellence. Production workloads are increasingly running on HCIs anchored by Nutanix software. Specifically, our research points to 1 in 3 organizations running at least 30% of their production applications on HCI.

At the same time, as the adoption of HCI in enterprises’ infrastructure is growing and replacing traditional storage and established processes, the backup and recovery infrastructure also needs to evolve in order to maintain RPOs and RTOs at an acceptable level.

I recently met with the HYCU team and learned that the solution has been developed from the ground up for Nutanix environments by experts with years of experience in data protection. This solution, HYCU Data Protection for Nutanix, was written leveraging the Nutanix APIs and is hypervisor-agnostic with support for AHV and ESX.

Among the features that got my attention, its ease of deployment and use come to mind. HYCU’s look and feel will look familiar to Prism users – I thought that I was looking at a Prism console. For application administrators, automated discovery and backup of applications is included. HYCU can fully leverage the scale-out architecture protocol of Nutanix, which helps with performance and load balancing to the target nodes. Also, the ability to quickly spin up a VM for immediate or instant recovery is a critical capability most native HCI Backup solutions typically do not support. Having an integrated backup solution that can access the storage within the same cluster or even another Nutanix cluster makes it easy to move VMs around for instant recovery purposes.

The solution was developed by a very experienced team of more than 300 engineers (with an average tenure of over ten years), who have extensive experience with three or more backup and recovery solutions. Their focus is on applications running on HCI VMs. It also includes patented technology that automatically discovers applications within each VM. The USPTO issued the patent just this week. This type of technology can save administrators hours of laborious discovery. HYCU also comes with end-to-end encryption, AFS backup, and support for a number of cloud destinations.

Protecting HCI deployments has become critical to many end-users, and the type of backup solution that is used will affect data protection service levels and the ability to properly protect production applications and data. It is great to see how backup and recovery vendors are increasingly providing support and innovation for these environments. With its laser focus on Nutanix environments, HYCU has an interesting card to play in a dynamic and competitive market.
Topics: Data Protection Converged Infrastructure