A Quick Talk with Yousuf Kahn, CIO of Pure Storage: High Performance Flash Is Powering Digital Business Transformation (Video)

Sinclair_Khan_Pure_Interview.jpgWith Flash Memory Summit a few weeks away, now is a good time to reflect on how flash technology has transformed business as well as our everyday lives. The wealth of digital products and services available today as well as the ever increasing value of business insights gathered through analytics would likely not be possible without flash storage technology. And if it were possible, it would be way too costly. The bottom line is that the modern business is built on data, and the speed at which that data can be accessed and understood directly impacts business success. Flash storage technology is a huge step forward and continued innovation in this space will further propel digital businesses in the future.

But, this isn’t just my opinion. Earlier this year, I was able to speak with Yousuf Khan, CIO of Pure Storage, on the role of flash technology on the digital business. And as luck would have it, I brought my video camera to capture some of the conversation. Here is what he had to say.


Topics: Storage