A Storage Strategy Built for the Future

We know the benefits that cloud storage can offer organizations - flexibility, agility, and elasticity more efficiently at lower costs. And that’s really just the start. Once you factor in the potential to address business continuity and productivity concerns with instant backup, archive, and disaster recovery plans, it’s turning into a no brainer. This, of course, doesn’t mean you should only use cloud storage. On-premises, primary storage is still important, especially for those mission-critical applications with strict performance SLAs.

We recently visited our friends at Microsoft Azure StorSimple who are looking to make it even easier for organizations to leverage the benefits of cloud storage while still benefiting from on-premises storage. The goal of the visit was to learn about and validate their new 8000 series hybrid cloud storage array. We looked at a number of features and functions during our visit, including:

  • StorSimple’s foundational idea of leveraging an on-premises storage array with high-performing SSDs for active data sets, while leveraging on-demand storage from Windows Azure for longer term data retention and protection needs.
  • The new Microsoft Azure StorSimple Manager service within the Azure Management Portal, which offers converged management of all geographically distributed StorSimple devices from a single interface, as well as deeper integration with Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere.
  • The newly developed Microsoft Azure StorSimple Virtual Appliance service running in Azure to access cloud snapshot data, providing DR capabilities for customers who do not have multiple StorSimple arrays or a spare StorSimple array available at the time of a disaster.

For all the details of our findings, check out the full ESG Lab Review, Microsoft StorSimple 800 Series Array.

This is the second time we’ve worked with StorSimple over the course of the last year and we continue to be major proponents of their technology and approach. With the newly added features and improvements to existing functionality, it’s not surprising organizations are transitioning out of the traditional storage IT infrastructure mold and into a sleek, new approach that is built for the future, like Microsoft Azure StorSimple.

Topics: Storage IT Infrastructure Data Protection Cloud Services & Orchestration