Accelerating “Hot Data” at the OS level

FlashSoft for VMware from SanDisk is a software module designed to accelerate application performance for VMware guest machines at the physical server level. FlashSoft increases the performance of I/O operations by creating a software-based read cache using virtualized solid-state storage (SSS) capacity. We recently completed an ESG Lab validation of FlashSoft for VMware and found it to be an extremely easy to implement solution. Leveraging our VMware clustered test environment we non-disruptively installed the FlashSoft module into the ESX kernel in less than a minute and were able to start using 180GB of PCIe based LSI WarpDrive SSD capacity installed on each of the clustered ESX hosts. We tested application performance, VM density scale, and ease of use. We observed a 4x improvement in transactions per minute, a 3.5x improvement in batch request processing for an OLTP application workload, and 3x gain in VM density scale over the same configuration with HDD-only devices.

We were able to manage all the features right from the vCenter management interface. All these results were achieved without making any changes to the storage array the VMware cluster was build on. All the SSS capacity came from a PCIe card installed in each physical host. So If you’re looking for a “hot data” management solution but don’t have the luxury of chancing/upgrading your storage array you might want to check out FlashSoft from SanDisk.

For more information, check out the full report.

Topics: Storage IT Infrastructure ESG Validation Services