AD&D 2016 Predictions: A New Leader in PaaS?

As part of my research planning for 2016, I recently sat down with ESG's VP of Research and Analyst Services John McKnight to talk about application development and deployment predictions for 2016.

Microsoft has been the established leader in PaaS by a wide margin for some time now. Microsoft’s penetration at the end of 2014 was effectively 50% higher than the next largest vendor. However, we are predicting a new leader in PaaS in 2016. While it would seem impossible that the PaaS market could undergo such dramatic change, this short video will help you better understand what we see happening with PaaS and why:

Video transcript:

Woman: The following is an ESG 360 video.

John: I'm here today with Steve Hendrick, Principal Analyst for application development and deployment research for ESG. Welcome, Steve.

Steve: Thanks, John, appreciate it.

John: So, we'll be talking today about what you expect to see in the application development space in the coming years. So what are some of the major trends that you'll be looking out for?

Steve: Well, interestingly enough, I think 2016 will see a new leader emerge in the PaaS market space. Now, Microsoft, for anybody who's been watching PaaS, has essentially been a de facto leader in PaaS for a number of years now, and they have a penetration rate that's at least 50% higher than any of the vendors in the PaaS market space. So how could we see a new leader emerge in 2016? Well, if you watch...if you've been watching closely, there are a number of vendors, IBM, Pivotal, HP, SAP, who all actually share something in common, and that something in common is use of the Cloud Foundry Core, which is the underlying engine for their paths.

The reality is that because this core is open source, it offers immense portability and interoperability. It provides the key services to support deployment of applications. This is giving those four vendors a tremendous boost from the standpoint of growth inside of the marketplace. And so I think the cumulative growth and resulting penetration rate that occurs for these four vendors will ultimately give them the edge and give them the lead collectively in the PaaS market space for 2016.

John: So no one vendor passing Microsoft yet, but a collective group of vendors sharing that common underlying platform.

Steve: That common core, that's correct.

John: Interesting. To read more of Steve's research, you can visit

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