Amazon AWS and Rackspace - A Cloud Hole-in-one?

golf caddyFrancis Ouimet had Eddy Lowery, Tiger Woods had Steve Williams, Jordan Spieth has Michael Greller, and now AWS users have…Rackspace?

 Behind every golf phenom is a silent partner. That even keel caddy that brings the right blend of wit, wisdom and instinctual insight and advice to help propel his or her wunderkind to the top of the leader board. Like these unsung heroes of the fairway, Rackspace too is now bringing caddy-like concierge services to bear to help businesses leverage AWS for grand slam success in the cloud.

 At the Amazon Re:Invent conference in Vegas, Rackspace announced the availability of their “fanatical support” services for end-users of AWS. This means that businesses can tap into the deep engineering bench at Rackspace to help them utilize AWS in the most effective and cost-efficient manner possible. 

AWS has received rave reviews for its depth of cloud services and for the seemingly endless parade of new technology offerings constantly being released on its public cloud platform. The challenge for businesses, however, is knowing what, how, when, and where to utilize these services. 

One could say that AWS is “suffering” from an embarrassment of riches from a cloud services standpoint. Even the most advanced cloud users could find navigating AWS’ extensive service offerings a dizzying experience. Enter Rackspace. With the requisite AWS certifications in-hand and over 15 years of hosting and cloud services experience, Rackspace states that they can carry the Rodney Dangerfield-sized AWS golf bag and help users select the right "cloud club” to pinpoint business accuracy. 

Rackspace is making available two forms of support for AWS:

“Navigator” services - where Rackspace acts as a guide to using AWS services. Think best practices combined with tooling, automation, and access to their AWS experts. This is the classic 'caddy-on-the-bag' type scenario in which customers can get advice and guidance to make sure they are on the right track.  


“Aviator” services - this includes all of the benefits of Navigator services along with hands-on managed services and additional tooling and automation. Think of this last service as more like employing "Iron Byron" – an automated golfing robot that is used to test equipment in a standard fashion by replicating an identical swing every time. In this case, customers would benefit from the consistency of Rackspace managed services for AWS – using Rackspace expertise and technology to ‘hit ‘em far and hit ‘em straight’ - all the time, every time. 

From an ESG Research standpoint, we believe that Rackspace’s announcement of support for AWS is very well timed. Increasingly, more businesses are consuming multiple public cloud services (AWS, Azure, Google, Rackspace, etc.) but don’t have the right orchestration and management and other instrumentation tools to ensure that they are getting the most bang for their buck.

In addition, with security and data governance/compliance remaining top of mind concerns for executives in the “C” level suite, the need for partnerships with organizations that can help tick off these critical cloud checkboxes is of paramount importance.

Rackspace can help put these concerns to bed not only with respect to AWS but also in the context of hybrid cloud usage with Microsoft Azure, VMware vCloud Air, OpenStack, and even Google Docs. This can provide businesses with the type of end-to-end cloud services support they need to don their own green (for money) jackets of success. 


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