Amazon Workspaces Delivery Compelling Usage Scenarios

workspacesI use Amazon Workspaces on my iPad Mini and have been impressed with its usability. While I admit that it is not my primary workspace, it works great for when I am using my iPad and need to get something done in a Windows environment. If I could use a mouse with the workspace like you can with Citrix Receiver, then I would significantly increase my usage of the environment.

We shared some insight into Supporting Enterprise Mobility: How IT Vendors Are Helping Create Workspaces in a previous blog and keep fielding inquiries on Amazon Workspaces. We also shared how Amazon WorkSpaces Application manager (explored in detail in this blog) is a pay-as-you-go service from Amazon comprised of a marketplace for applications and desktops. Windows desktop applications are assembled into virtualized application containers and delivered as a cloud-delivered workspace executed on AWS. The IT administrator centrally manages applications, access to the workspace through corporate directory integration, and persistent data storage to users across a variety of devices. Users can select and manage applications that they have access to within their workspaces while IT maintains visibility into the usage of these applications.

Now it looks like as of re:Invent 2015, Amazon is treating workspace delivery as a first-class citizen within data center services. This is a solid move for Amazon and not a bad deal for its next door neighbor Microsoft since they benefit from a licensing perspective and it could potentially be well timed with Windows 10. I believe that businesses will turn to Amazon for workspaces for the same reasons that they choose AWS. Whether you are a developer, IT pro, or curious analyst like me, you can easily light the fire and kick the tires with Amazon Workspaces and quickly see how the service may align with your initiatives.

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