An AWS re:Invent Recap: Key Services to Watch

Strechay-Wrapping up the cloud convention year, with this year's re:Invent conference -- followed by a massive outage in AWS' US-EAST-1 region -- I decided it was time for a deep dive on a few of the cloud provider's recent announcements, particularly from an IaaS and PaaS perspective. See the quick-hit video with myself and Scott Sinclair below and the link to the longer blog over on TechTarget.

For many of the new services covered below, success will be measured in one of two ways: how much new data will land in AWS and whether the service generates a positive margin. But, as has been well-documented, once a service is launched in AWS, it truly never goes away -- just look in US-EAST and you can start the original M1 EC2 instance type.

Here's a brief re:Invent recap of the data services announcements I found most interesting in AWS Marketplace expansion, new Amazon S3 Glacier options, AWS Backup support for VMware and VMware Cloud on AWS, and Additional file systems.

Topics: Storage Cloud Services & Orchestration