An ESG Exclusive: The "Database Analytics Trends" Report

Here at ESG, we just put the finishing moves on our new Enterprise Database Trends in a Big Data World report, be sure to ask for it by name at your local newsstand if you aren’t already getting home delivery of all our research. This piece of work is part two of a grand trilogy (thrill-ogy?) in our data management research calendar along with the earlier Enterprise Data Analytics Trends and the upcoming Enterprise Big Data, Business Intelligence, and Analytics Trends reports.

The current installment looks at the pressures on existing databases, the practical science of database management, how organizations are re-thinking their strategies and technology selections, and the challenging dynamics of the discipline.

And subscription clients can access the full Enterprise Database Trends in a Big Data World report from our website.


The traditional relational database does not die at the end, but learns to live happily alongside newer offerings like NoSQL and Hadoop.

Topics: Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI