Anticipating RSA Conference 2017

cloud_security.jpgI will be attending RSA Confererence 2017 (US), along with other ESG analysts, and this year's theme is "Power of Opportunity."  

I want to see what that means from a positive light in terms of what type of opportunities are in front of us, and not be concerned with the dangers of the cybersecurity crisis that some people like to paint.

As I mentioned in the Predictions for Networking blog and video, networking is a critical aspect of security and with current changes in infrastructure  designs, offers challenges and an opportunity to rework it to provide better security.

The opportunity comes from those who are revisiting their infrastructure design to accommodate  cloud computing. The most obvious is at the IT edge, where traditional connections to the data center are supplemented by increased direct connections to the cloud. Does this create a security challenge? Of course, but having a fresh redesign of the IT edge also gives people an opportunity to do things right.   

This also applies to those who are redesigning data centers to accommodate  a private cloud. With modern applications directing IT organizations to create a common pool of resources shared by many workload types, proper segmentation of data and network traffic becomes important to meet compliance requirements. Reworking applications to use modern microservices technology is an opportunity to do things in a fresh light.

Another area that may slip by most people's attention is the opportunities to use managed services. With a severe cybersecurity skills shortage, there is a tremendous opportunity for many enterprises to bring in expertise and knowledge from outside. Firms like Rackspace have made that a key part of their solution, as have other pure play firms in the cybersecurity space.

We'll see you at RSA Conference 2017.


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