Applications Drive Hybrid Cloud, With On-Premises Being the Key to Hybrid, Not Public Cloud (Video)

Cloud Research Screen Shot.jpgTerri McClure, ESG's Senior Analyst for Cloud Infrastructure, and I did an ESG 360 video about the hybrid cloud research that I have conducted.  Two key points that came out of that research were the following:

  • Hybrid cloud is about applications and the infrastructure that supports them, not just about infrastructure, servers, and VMs. An application-centric view is the cornerstone of hybrid cloud and vendors need to recognize and adjust for this. This doesn't mean that infrastructure doesn't matter anymore, but the management and optimization of hybrid cloud workloads needs to be done at the application level, not the infrastructure.
  • On-premises environments are the key to hybrid cloud. My research found that compatibility and integration with existing on-premises systems was most important to hybrid cloud users, as opposed to their public cloud vendor. This point is especially important as the overwhelming majority of respondents in the survey said they expect to have half or more of their workloads on-premises, five years from now. On-premises environments and hybrid cloud will be the long-term future of IT.

For more information about these data points, see the video below or read my research about how On-premises Infrastructure Is the Key to Hybrid Cloud and Applications Help to Define Hybrid Cloud.

Topics: Cloud Services & Orchestration