EFSS and security/governance in 2016

As the last of my four-part series looking at 2016 in the EFSS marketplace, I spoke with ESG's VP of Research and Analyst Services John McKnight about security and governance in file-sharing.

The short version is that laws have not caught up with technology — while the Internet by definition removes global boundaries, the law still respects them. How do we deal with cross-border governance questions?

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EFSS and the MAG vendors in 2016

When in conversations about the EFSS market, I'm often asked where Microsoft, Amazon, and Google (MAG) fit in the overall landscape. Usually it takes the form of, "isn't [insert MAG vendor name here] going to run away with this market when they get serious?"

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Security Requirements Are Driving Identity Management

Anyone familiar with identity management knows that it can be extremely messy — lots of tactical tools, access policies, multiple data repositories, manual processes, etc. Furthermore, user authentication continues to be anchored by user names and passwords making nearly every organizations vulnerable to credentials harvesting, identity theft, and cyber-attacks.

Topics: Cybersecurity Identity and Access Management

Dell-EMC Buyer Sentiment Research Redux

As you might recall, ESG conducted our own research after the announcement of Dell acquiring EMC to find out what actual people — those who buy stuff — thought. At that time, we really wanted to focus on only what Dell and EMC customers thought about the deal. But recently, we conducted some additional research to specifically gain insight into what non-customers of Dell and EMC thought.

What Does the Future Hold for VMware Workstation and VMware Fusion?

According to the hyper-connected world in which we operate, it appears that as part of VMware’s layoffs, the company let go a handful of engineers dedicated to its personal desktop products. No disrespect to these VMware Workstation and VMware Fusion engineers, but this looks like a sound business decision based on the overarching VMware EUC strategy and timing of the pending Dell acquisition.

Topics: Enterprise Mobility

Container adoption likely to increase across hybrid clouds

2016 may be remembered as the year that container technology began to firmly take root across many data center environments. Case in point — 36% of users in ESG’s soon-to-be-published hybrid cloud survey indicated they are currently using containers in a limited capacity, with an additional 32% reporting they are currently testing containers. Perhaps more telling is the fact that only 4% reported they have no plans at all to use containers.

Topics: Cloud Services & Orchestration

2016 IoT Predictions

To inaugurate ESG's expanded coverage of IoT, I recently sat down with my colleague Nik Rouda to discuss our 2016 predictions for the Internet of Things. In the video, Nik and I discuss the potential for unleashing business value from IoT, how wearables can fit into enterprise IoT and app initiatives, and the expanding role of industrial technology players in the IoT ecosystem.

Topics: Internet of Things Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI

Plexxi Draws Google’s Attention – and Money

Plexxi is one of those “intelligent infrastructure” companies I’ve been harping about as of late. And by intelligent, in this case I mean a network that can self-actualize and alter its very being based on real-time application and usage demands. It’s way cool.

And because I love to tell you “I told you so”, which I did over a year ago, I now get to rub your noses in it. This stuff matters.

EFSS Market Consolidation in 2016

I've been covering the EFSS market for ESG for several years now, from back when there were only a handful of vendors talking about their solutions to a point when there were hundreds. In any growing market, though, there is some level of (inevitable) market consolidation.

Welcoming Myself – and IoT – to the ESG Family

I’m thrilled to be joining ESG and leading their focus on the Internet of Things. While I’m new to ESG, I’m not new to the analyst community nor the world of mobile and disruptive technology.

What’s great about ESG is that I’ll be joining a group of smart, experienced professionals who have spent years understanding the challenges of enterprise technology leaders and advising the ecosystem in so many of the areas IoT touches. I’ll be using this space to share my ideas and thoughts on the rapidly expanding IoT market, and here are some of the concepts that will guide my analysis going forward.

Topics: Internet of Things Digital Transformation

EFSS Integration in 2016

The new year is underway, and as part of my 2016 planning, I sat down with ESG VP of Research and Analyst Services John McKnight to chat about what I think this year will bring to the EFSS space.

Topics: Storage Converged Infrastructure

Time to Consider User Behavior Analytics (UBA)

In 2012, I did an extension research project on big data security analytics. My thesis was that big data tools like Hadoop, Mahout, MapReduce, and Pig would greatly enhance in-depth historical cybersecurity investigations beyond anything provided by SIEM tools. In retrospect I believe my assumptions were correct but the market remains in an early stage of development even today. 

Topics: Cybersecurity

Can Citrix and Dell Help Businesses Improve Productivity through Better Communication?

Citrix and Dell recently announced a “thin-to-win" strategy, snapped into a Microsoft Skype for Business (Lync) solution. And, while some may think VDI is dead (I assure you it’s not), these two iconic companies also popped together a VDI appliance. Here’s the high-level overview:

Topics: Enterprise Mobility

Predictions for Networking in 2016

I recently recorded a video on what we're expecting to see in 2016 in the world of networking. To keep things simple and make it easier for you see I hit the mark at the end of 2016, I'm making just two predictions!

I wish you all a happy new year.

Topics: Networking

Data Protection Predictions for 2016

'Tis the time of year to re-think how you did things before and what you might want to do differently in the future — in life, in IT and in Data Protection. To help you with those considerations, I'd like to share a short video on what we expect the more interesting trends will be in Data Protection in 2016.

Topics: Data Protection

Hybrid Cloud Spending likely to increase in 2016

When ESG started tracking the use of public cloud computing services as a measure for containing IT costs back in 2009, it ranked dead last among a list of nine potential strategies. In ESG's upcoming 2016 Spending Intentions survey, however, the use of public cloud computing services now ranks as the number one IT cost containment measure.

Why the big change?

SNIA's NVM Summit - Big changes afoot for Year 2020

Sometimes, it helps to look at new technologies that will be adopted far in the future and ponder what the higher level implications are. NVM (non-volatile memory) is one of them, discussed at the SNIA NVM Summit in San Jose, California. Before you zone out, though, note that if this technology gets widely adopted, it will be as disruptive as SSD is for storage, and may change data centers in ways that server consolidation (enabled by virtualization) did in the last decade.

The NVM systems are still at demo or early stages, as shown in the photo to the right of an AgigA demo station, but there's a tremendous amount of investment and interest. NVM stands for non-volatile memory, but you can think of it as memory (fast, like RAM) that can replace storage (big, like hard disks). So some people refer to one use-case of NVM as storage class memory.

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PrimaryIO: Quality over Quantity

It's the New Year, time to take stock of things and talk about what we all expect for our areas of coverage in 2016 and beyond. You'll see plenty of prognostications about the big thematic elements and trends from all of us at ESG about now; indeed I just shot a video with my colleague Scott Sinclair on our views for the technologies and market dynamics to watch in the storage space — you should see that published in the next few days.

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2016 - A Banner Year for Converged and Hyperconverged Vendors?

2016 could prove to be a banner year for converged and hyperconverged technologies. In ESG's recent survey on Hybrid Cloud trends, 56% of IT planners indicated that they plan to use converged infrastructure (CI) and 70% said they plan to use hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI).

Topics: Converged Infrastructure

Cybersecurity Customer Segments in 2016

Depending upon whom you believe, there are roughly 800 to 1200 companies selling cybersecurity products and services to end customers. Yes, the cybersecurity market is forecast to be around $70 billion this year but that’s still a lot of vendors.

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The Top 3 Hybrid Cloud Headlines From 2015

“The sun is shining, the clouds are breaking
Cause I can’t lose now, there’s no game to play…"
- Boston

Network Security Sandboxes Driving Next-Generation Endpoint Security

Remember advanced persistent threats (APTs)? This term originated within the United States Air Force around 2006. In my opinion, it gained more widespread recognition after the Google “Operation Aurora” data breach first disclosed in 2010. This cyber-attack is attributed to groups associated with China’s People’s Liberation Army and impacted organizations like Adobe Systems, Juniper Networks, Northrop Grumman, Symantec, and Yahoo in addition to Google.

Topics: Cybersecurity

The Delta-V Awards: The Big Picture

The ESG Delta-V awards recognize the top 20 companies that made an impact in big data and analytics in 2015. Continuing in our series, this time I’d like to recognize those companies that see “the bigger picture” for big data and analytics. These offerings go beyond point products, even beyond platforms, and address the larger context of a real business (or government) environment.

Learn a bit about the Delta-V awards here.

Topics: Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI

Plan for Hybrid Data Protection Media in 2016

More and more folks are first protecting their data (backups, archives, etc.) to disk — for several good reasons, including SLAs for data retrieval/restoration/recovery, deduplication efficiencies, etc. But as definitively as disk is the preferred “protection storage” as a second tier, the third tier is far less defined.

Topics: Data Protection Cloud Services & Orchestration

The Delta-V Awards: Big Data Platforms

ESG Delta-V awards recognize the top 20 companies that made an impact in big data and analytics in 2015. This post focuses on the companies to congratulate for their success in the category of Big Data Platforms. This covers the software systems that seek to organize big data into something much more usable in the real world. If you wanted hardware appliances, please see the Engineered Systems category instead.

Topics: Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI

In 2016, Enterprise Storage will be defined by the cloud

As we move into 2016, it is time to take stock of the events that occurred in the storage industry in 2015 and forecast the New Year. Historically when making annual predictions, technology trends dominate forecasts. For 2016, it would be very easy to repeat that trend. With expected increases in adoption for solid-state storage, software-defined storage, object storage, and even hyperconverged; much of the dialogue for this blog could focus on the storage technology shift that the industry is experiencing. Doing only that, however, would ignore the most significant trend in enterprise storage, “The Game of Clouds.”

Topics: Storage Cloud Services & Orchestration

The Incident Response “Fab Five”

I’ve been focused on security analytics for several years, and spent a good part of 2015 investigating technologies and methodologies used for incident response. Based upon lots of discussions with cybersecurity professionals and a review of industry research, I’ve come up with a concept I call the incident response “fab five.” Enterprise organizations with the most efficient and effective incident detection and response tend to establish best practices and synchronization in 5 distinct areas:

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Network Predictions for 2016

As we start this year, I wanted to offer my predictions for what may lie ahead for 2016. The overarching theme is that use cases will drive trends in 2016, as opposed to plain transport and speeds. Here’s my take:

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What Consumers Really Need to Worry About in 2016

New Year’s Eve has come and gone, and thusly, the annual prediction blog cycle draws to a close. Permit me to sneak one in just before the doors are locked, if you would. I've put together a list of three consumer security bogeymen (more hype than substance) and three consumer security issues that everyone needs to actually worry about. There is a very obvious theme here in terms of the division — see if you can spot it!

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The Delta-V Awards: Engineered Systems for Analytics

ESG's Delta-V awards recognize the top 20 companies that made an impact in big data and analytics in 2015. Here are the ones to applaud for their success in the category of Engineered Systems. You may be thinking, "wait, the whole point of big data is to go with commodity kit, not a big vendor appliance." You may also be wrong.

Topics: Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI

Predictions for Cybersecurity in 2016

My colleague Doug Cahill and I recorded a video shortly before the holidays outlining what we're expecting to see in 2016 in the cybersecurity space. We're excited to share that video with you now:

Topics: Cybersecurity

The Delta-V Awards: Machine Learning

The ESG Delta-V awards recognize the top 20 companies that made an impact in big data and analytics in 2015. Here are the ones to congratulate for their success in the category of Machine Learning, including cognitive, artificial intelligence, and variants.

Learn a bit about the Delta-V awards here.

Topics: Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI

New Year’s Resolution – Talk to More People about Data Protection

For 2016, one of my hopes for IT professionals is that you’ll talk with a wider variety of stakeholders within your organizations about data protection and the myriad methods for data retention and recovery that should be part of one holistic strategy in ensuring the protection and preservation of corporate data, regardless of where the data resides or who manages it.

Topics: Data Protection

Cybersecurity Industry Predictions for 2016

Happy new year everyone! Late last year, I wrote a blog with a few predictions for 2016 focused on threats and enterprise security. Here are a few of my additional expectations for the cybersecurity industry:

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2016 Cybersecurity Radar Screen

Instead of making 2016 predictions in December, I decided to kick off the new year by sharing what’s on my cybersecurity radar screen for 2016. Given fundamental changes in computing models from cloud to mobility to IoT; the complexity of the threat landscape with hacker motivations of cybercrime, espionage, and activism; and the multitude of technology and solution providers; one’s radar screen quickly fills with more blips than can be reasonably tracked. And so I somewhat reluctantly offer up just a few threads of particular interest. But before looking at 2016, here’s a positive retrospective thought about 2015.

Topics: Cybersecurity

The Delta-V Awards: Hadoop & Spark

ESG's Delta-V awards recognize the top 20 companies that made an impact in big data and analytics in 2015. Here's the set of awards celebrating organizations for their contributions to Hadoop and Spark. These are listed in alphabetical order, so consider rebranding your company as "Aardvark Advanced Analytics" if you really want to be "first" next year.

To learn a little more about the awards, check out this overview.

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