Vulnerability Management Woes Continue but There Is Hope

I remember giving a presentation when I first started working in cybersecurity in 2003 (note: it was called information security back then). I talked about the importance of good security hygiene, focusing on deploying secure system configurations, managing access controls, and performing regular vulnerability scans. 

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The Economics of Modernizing Your Enterprise Data Warehouse

Enterprise data warehouses (EDWs) are often deemed the most valuable asset in the data center, serving as the backbone of the business. The ongoing insight gained from these solutions has justified the significant up-front capital investments and ongoing operational costs, but the rigidity of the traditional EDW is forcing organizations to reevaluate their approach to analytics and business intelligence.

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The Cybersecurity Technology Consolidation Conundrum

If you are in the cybersecurity market, you’ve heard (or read) about the point tools problem hundreds or thousands of times. Enterprise organizations base their cybersecurity defenses on dozens of point tools from different vendors. These point tools don’t talk to one another, making it difficult to get a complete end-to-end picture for situational awareness. This also leads to tremendous operational overhead as the cybersecurity staff is called upon to act as the glue between disparate tools.

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Data Protection Conversation with iland (Video)

In this edition of Data Protection Conversations, I speak with Justin Augat, VP of Product Management and Product Marketing of iland.   

iland is a global cloud service provider of secure and compliant hosting for infrastructure (IaaS), disaster recovery (DRaaS), and backup as a service (BaaS) and delivers cloud services from its data centers throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

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Data Protection Conversation with Unitrends (Video)


In this edition of Data Protection Conversations, I speak with Joe Noonan, VP of Product Marketing and Product Management at Unitrends.  

Unitrends recently joined the Kaseya family of IT solutions and delivers high-availability hardware and software to natively provide all-in-one enterprise backup and continuity.

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The State of Endpoint and Application Security (Includes Video)

I had a terrific week at RSA, meeting and talking with many of the world’s leading endpoint security and application security vendors. Every year, RSA provides a unique opportunity to take a fresh look at new and existing vendors, through in-person meetings with technical and marketing leaders, and checking out messaging through booths, signage, and materials.

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Cyber Risk Management Challenges Are Impacting the Business

There was quite a bit of banter about boardroom cybersecurity actions at RSA Conference 2019. No surprise here, as business executives understand what’s at stake and are asking CISOs to provide more cyber risk data and metrics so they can work with them on intelligent risk mitigation strategies.

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The Buzz at RSA Conference 2019

Like many other cybersecurity professionals, I spent last week at RSA Conference 2019 in rainy San Francisco. Here are a few of my impressions:

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Was ‘Better’ Cybersecurity the Promise or the Premise at RSA 2019? (Includes video)

This year’s RSA mega-conference in San Francisco seemed intent to add some silver linings to not only the grey clouds that hung over the city last week, but also to the incessant news cycle that suggests bad actors in the security space are always and inevitably one step ahead of the good guys.
If the energy, investments, and enthusiasm that were on display at the Moscone Center can be even somewhat matched by efficient adoption and effective execution, then it seems as if this is a war - now that we as a society, and not just as an IT industry, are fully awakened to it - that can be won. Enough. Sometime. 
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Joe Tucci’s Next Phase

Lately I’ve been reflecting on the past, which is new to me since I normally only care about the future. But even I get nostalgic from time to time. ESG is in its 20th year! That’s crazy.

So whether it’s the romantic in me or the fact that I’m now experienced enough to reflect on the countless amazing things I’ve seen over my career, you’ll be hearing stories from my past with an eye toward the future. This tale is just that—the next phase of one Joe Tucci.

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