Addressing the Edge of Business Will Require More Than Technology

The edge, or the internet of things (IoT), is the next technology frontier. Though edge environments have existed for some time, it has recently become the wild west of technology, one defined by many harsh realities and a new ramp in investment, as businesses look for the next digital goldmine.

Nearly four out of ten (38%) storage decision makers believe IoT workloads will be a top driver of on-premises storage spending growth over the next 24 months, with one-third (33%) identifying IoT workloads for cloud storage spending over that same time period. IT is preparing for an onslaught of data growth resulting from these workloads, but how are IT vendors poised to address these needs of businesses at the edge?

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Cohesity Goes After The Decentralized Enterprise

Most enterprises have many decentralized locations and sometimes operate a model where there is no real "central" data center. Our research shows that these ROBO topologies are particularly sensitive to data protection challengesfor example, at organizations with many branches (retail, food chains, gas stations, etc.).

Veeam Has its Sights on the Enterprise Segment with New V10

Version 10 is going GA with the usual fanfare that great marketing companies such as Veeam know how to orchestrate, but it's different this time. Something is changing.

In the past, and despite our most respectful recriminations, Veeam would pre-announce new versions and sometimes over-hype their capabilities. Hard to stop the Veeam marketing machine when it's in launch mode!! I have seen it both on the vendor side as a competitor (with secret admiration) and on the analyst side at ESG.

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New IBM FlashSystem Family: More than just Flash, More than just Systems

This week IBM announced an update to its FlashSystem storage portfolio. While new flash storage releases have become somewhat commonplace lately, thinking that IBM’s FlashSystems are just systems with flash does them a huge disservice. IBM has integrated some game-changing software innovation into its FlashSystems. While much of this technology has been in there for a while, the benefits extend far beyond the average storage system.

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