Insights from VeeamON 2021(Video)

In this video, I share my perspectives on VeeamON 2021. 



Topics: Data Protection

Observe: Solutions That Just Make Sense

You may not have heard of Observe. It's a relatively new company, launched in October 2020. Observe has been out selling, gaining customers, and growing market share. Though it’s been less than a year, Observe's customer base already includes more than 20 tech/SaaS companies, including Topgolf.

Topics: SaaS

Aruba Launches First Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi 6E Solutions—the Aruba 630 Series

Wi-Fi 6E

Wi-Fi 6E is the latest advancement in Wi-Fi technology, and last year the FCC opened up the 6 GHz band for unlicensed use in the US. What makes this so significant is that the amount of usable Wi-Fi will more than double (due to the amount of RF spectrum available for Wi-Fi).

With Wi-Fi 6E, we should expect to experience less network congestion due to wider channels and faster data rates that can support high-bandwidth applications and use cases—providing a realistic means to help speed innovation.

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Rise of the Machines

It was 30 years ago when Terminator 2 (T2) came out. I vividly remember watching it in the movie theatre when it debuted, and I re-watched it over this past Memorial Day weekend. The premise of the film series is that civilization will be eliminated by futuristic machines uprising, and in the T2 sequel, Skynet, the 21st century supercomputer, sends a second terminator—the T1000. This one is more stealthy and more advanced, capable of rapid shape shifting and near-perfect mimicry.1

Topics: Identity Management

Cisco Takes Infrastructure Into the Age of Hybrid Clouds

June is proving to be a busy month in the tech world. Cisco is no exception and has announced a new launch within their portfolio. I had the opportunity to attend Cisco’s Future Cloud event, and I am providing my summary of Cisco's future direction. They focused on innovation in these main areas:

Topics: Storage Application & Infrastructure Modernization

Cisco's Future Cloud Event— Leveraging Breadth and Depth of Portfolio for Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Cisco held its Future Cloud event today to launch a suite of solutions to enable hybrid cloud environments. This was an important launch for Cisco, as it marks a departure from individual product announcements and delivers a more comprehensive solution that leverages the breadth and depth of the Cisco portfolio to connect, secure, and automate cloud migrations.

Topics: hybrid cloud

Introducing The Bigger Truth in Tech Podcast

I am excited to announce my new podcast, The Bigger Truth in Tech, is now live on Apple podcasts. Check it out!

Topics: The Bigger Truth in Tech Podcast

Extreme Connects with Its Customers in 2021

Last week, Extreme Networks held its annual customer event, Connect, virtually from Boston’s historic Fenway Park. The highlights from the event include new product introductions, a collection of customer and partner relationships, a celebration of 25 years in business, and insights into Extreme Networks' vision moving forward.

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