An AWS re:Invent Recap: Key Services to Watch

Wrapping up the cloud convention year, with this year's re:Invent conference -- followed by a massive outage in AWS' US-EAST-1 region -- I decided it was time for a deep dive on a few of the cloud provider's recent announcements, particularly from an IaaS and PaaS perspective. See the quick-hit video with myself and Scott Sinclair below and the link to the longer blog over on TechTarget.

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The Bigger Truth (Video): Youngsters Reject Federal Work, Zoom Looks to Blur, and Bank of Ireland's Big Fine

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This week, I share my thoughts on the following enterprise technology news stories:

Job seekers under 30 reject federal work, alarming lawmakers: https://searchhrsoftware.techtarget.c...

Topics: Data Protection Enterprise Mobility

Why the Cloud Application Security Space Is Heating up

Nearly two-thirds of respondents to the 2022 Technology Spending Intentions Survey from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), a division of TechTarget, plan to increase spending on cloud application security in the next year. Startups are scoring record-setting funding rounds and valuations, while established vendors are announcing acquisitions and integrations to secure cloud applications throughout the software development lifecycle.

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The Bigger Truth (Video): VCs Splurge on Cybersecurity, Ericsson Acquires Vonage, & Who Needs 5G, Anyway?

Check out the latest episode of The Bigger Truth

This week, I share my thoughts on the following enterprise technology news stories:

Cybersecurity investments surge in 2021 as VCs go all in:

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Can’t Contain Our Excitement for… Containers

There’s something so convenient about USPS Priority Mail. There are a few standard box sizes to choose from and each of them has a set fee, no matter what you put in the box. There’s no guessing as to how much the package will cost to ship, regardless of how much it weighs and how far it’s going, and your package gets to its destination in 1-3 business days, much faster than if you were to ship it normally. Many organizations are adopting container technology for similar reasons that we use USPS Priority Mail. Standardization makes operations easier for most, and improves speed and agility.

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