ESG Launches UCaaS Research

Communication platforms are where work gets done. The immense collaboration surge has inspired companies to centralize workflows, efficiently manage projects, and interact with colleagues in real time as they integrate their favorite applications, build custom applications, and consolidate business processes.

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FalconStor Is Right Back Up There with its MSP-centric Data Protection Focus for the Hybrid Cloud World

There’s an oft-quoted phrase along the lines of, “You never get a second chance to make a [good] first impression.” Apart from its obvious semantic tautology, what’s also interesting is that (a) there’s considerable debate about the attribution of the quote itself (apparently whoever first used it didn’t make a good enough impression!?), and (b) it lacks context. FalconStor is a pretty well-known name in IT circles, but it’s been busy in recent years crafting a new—relevant, timely, and high-potential—first impression.

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Do Developers Care About Security? Cloud Security Tools and Shifting Left

With the move to modern software development, we’ve been talking about shifting security responsibilities left to developers so that security is not a bottleneck. But do developers care about security? Watch this video with me and my colleague Rob Strechay to learn about how developers think about security, what kinds of tools are available from cloud security providers, and how security vendors are working with the cloud providers to secure cloud-native applications.

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Accelerate Ransomware Recovery - IBM CyberVault for FlashSystem

For years, we have seen data transform businesses, create new industries, and serve as the catalyst for business growth and new opportunities. According to ESG research, 59% of businesses identify that at least some portion of their revenue is derived from information-based products and services.

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Oracle Embraces the 'Najort Horse' Concept with its MongoDB API for Autonomous Database News

[In this blog I refer to 'we' - I want to acknowledge the help and guidance I received from my colleague and all-around smart person, Mike Leone, in pulling this together. I, however, take full responsibility for the puns!]  

OK, so you know how sometimes you read supposed big news from a vendor and you wonder where the “meat” is? Well, the reverse can be true too; Oracle’s subdued news this week that it has an Oracle Database API for Mongo DB is just such a thing. Without much fanfare - here’s the technical blog we saw – Oracle was in fact doing something pretty meaty (certainly for MongoDB users), definitely newsworthy, and highly strategic.

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Message in a Bottle(neck)? NVMe Can Help

You’re driving down the highway, cruising at the speed limit (perhaps a bit over the speed limit), and then all of a sudden… traffic. It turns out there is construction up ahead and 3 lanes need to merge down to 1, causing a bottleneck of cars. While every car is capable of traveling the speed limit, there is simply not enough space for everyone to pass through the single lane while maintaining the speed they want to travel. When this happens, people feel like they are wasting time. In a similar way, when information reaches a bottleneck in a network, organizations may feel frustrated, knowing that there could be higher performance without the bottleneck. To combat this, many organizations have adopted Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) technology, and specifically NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF), in order to open up more lanes for information travel. While typical NVMe is attached to the peripheral component interconnect (PCI) bus, NVMe-oF gives organizations more flexibility and bandwidth to circumvent the traffic bottleneck and move more information, more quickly.

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The Need for Infrastructure as Code Security

Developers are increasingly using infrastructure as code (IaC), such as Terraform and CloudFormation, to provision their own cloud infrastructure for faster development cycles. As IaC brings unprecedented ease and speed for self-service infrastructure provisioning, there is a high chance for mistakes and misconfigurations as development teams grow. 

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